• Distant memory

    “Distant memory”, sketch by Joost Dekker. Pencil on paper, 33×48 cm, 110 grammes, framed. June 2008, Cisternino, Puglia, Italia.   € 1600,-  

  • Working on a new collection

    Spring is in the air! Well, actually I’m in Sweden right now and woke up blinded by a big blanket of snow! But luckily there’s still some sun and fresh green colour left in my mind for inspiration. Highly needed because of the sales I made this year and the upcoming exhibition, part of the …

  • Environment

    “Environment” Joost Arkenbout Dekker, oil on linen, 80×100 cm. June 2002, Amsterdam. € 2000

  • Mantel der liefde

    Premiered at the Parallax Art Fair in London, this is my first ever sculpture. It is about women and islam, protected or covered up? Material: Indian Soapstone Date of creation: September 2012 Size: approx. 25 x 20 x 20 cm Price: €2800