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Puglia, Italy’s undiscoverd heel

Trulli - Alberobello, Puglia, ItaliaAn important stop on the route to the middle east through the centuries. In Roman times the Puglian city Brindisi marked the end of the famous via Appia. Travellers waited to embark on boats to Greece where the via Egnatia took them further to Constantinopel, present day Istanbul, and beyond. 2000 years later nothing has changed, at the port of Brindisi it is still bustling with travellers and truckdrivers embarking the ships to Greece.

While waiting for their embarkation people barely take a look at the land behind them, travellers always tend to look forward, not backward. Here they should, because behind them lies Puglia.

When you do, you will find an undiscoverd peninsula in the mediterranean.

Joost DekkerIn this land, Joost Dekker, the author of this blog, finds inspiration for his artworks, his work as a management consultant (see Linkedin) and his life.

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